Wednesday, May 30, 2007


i am juss copy pasting my SOP which i had written for my PI in NMIMS....
i wanna copy paste it coz i had thought (and i rarely think) for about 1.5 hrs to prepare this small an essay.... had to rack my brains and think about myself... the best part of preparing for the mba exams is that u get to understand urself and be happy with urself... am happy to get into a top college in india for doing my mba but if u ask me wat was the one thing that i liked the most while doing my prep i would say "Unlearning and Learning" ... this is a complicated and tuff process and realising urself is a much tougher task... it takes some time for u to know urself.... i especially feel indians are more into doing wat their parents want, the image we have abt ourself is not wat we really have its more wat others think abt us. So when u start realising urself u ponder and ruminate and finally get a pic of urself....

here starts my SOP
Change is the only thing constant in this world. To handle change effectively and successfully one needs to have a sound academic foundation as well as practical implementation of this knowledge.

My good academic background is evident from the fact that I stood in the top 100 in my state during my 10th exams for which I was awarded a scholarship. I was also in the top 0.4% in EAMCET’97.

In my career in Wipro, I had received client appreciation and was consequently chosen as Wipro Buddy to familiarize new recruits with the culture of Wipro. I was also selected for FMP (Future Manager Program) and stood first in the selection process. In Aricent, I was involved in redesigning a module (IP) which resulted in considerable reduction of the maintenance and enhancement cycles. This shows that the application of my theory has been noteworthy and has been appreciated.

A well rounded personality also has interests and passions. I like playing table tennis and have won quite a few prizes in it. My passion is “whistling songs” and have given stage shows in my college and in my organization.

My strengths are perseverance, risk taking ability and good inter personal skills and weakness is “rigid about decision making”.

My entrepreneurial skill is evident from the fact that I had developed a successful business model, MODEL EAMCET 2000, which provided a common platform for the students in the twin cities to test their abilities among their peers prior to the actual exam (EAMCET). It was sponsored by ECIT and a total of 3000 students had taken this exam.

I strongly believe that I bring a unique combination of competencies to NMIMS which will further be honed and developed in an atmosphere of symbiotic learning.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Bangalore Roads - Indian socialism in present day format

Lemme talk on my fav topic… “Roads in bangalore (bng/bang for short)”. Everyone in Bangalore has cried hoarse over the roads in bng. From Azim Premji to Narayana Murthy to every tom, dick and harry in Bangalore.

I tried to connect a few things with the state of roads in bang. I am not finding the root cause of the problem or the underlying cause. I dunno so much abt state affairs and functioning so I cant comment on that. Might write something on it when I get to know a few more things.

To me state of bang roads evokes a similarity with the pre-1991 indian socialism. Well u must be thinking how are they connected…

1) No matter how BIG, brilliant or innovative ur idea was u had go thru the bureaucratic setup and babudom of India to get ur plan sanctioned… By the time this would have been done (if ur following the right path) u would have got frustrated, dejected and disappointed which makes u think that ur idea was worthless. U will never realize the potential of ur idea or company after being caught in the mess of bureaucracy.
2) With bang roads .. no matter how BIG, fast or innovative ur car is u have to go thru the dirty, shabby, gross and ill treated roads. Even if ur car can churn out 350bhp power and zoom to 100 kmph in 6 secs theres no worth for it. U have to travel at the speed of 10-15 kmph and reach ur destination. By the time u reach ur destination even in a Mercedes benz u get frustrated, tired. Ur productivity is reduced by the time u reach ur office. U will never know the potential/greatness of ur car, its full potential is lost somewhere in the bang roads.
3) Is it good in a society for everyone to be equal??? Well I would say is it good for any company where all the employees are alike in every aspect. I am sure that such a company might reach great heights for some years but when it vanishes it will vanish in such a way that there wont remain any traces of it. It is dead since its inception. Utopic society seems very nice and rosy but has great inherent flaws. Differences exist everywhere and need to be accepted. There is always an advantageous and disadvantageous way out in a difference. What matters is how we accept and adopt the advantageous way????
4) Coming back to roads…Both these things ie Indian socialism and bang roads have happened inspite of the govt knowing what a deleterious effect this can have on the economy of a country/city.

And coming to the answer I am still thinking of it. I think the answer lies in post 1991 india ... why did india change ... if u have any comments/thoughts/opinions do lemme know ...

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

me myself and rasti

hi all there,
well today's my first day on the virtual world where i share my thoughts, frenzz and ideas ... welcome to my intriguing thought process which might become food for thought for all u out there in the virtual world...

well now going for a walk with my dear friend rasti ....
this evening walk cum jog was started by rasti(also spelt as rusti, rusty, rasty and his real name is vivek rastogi) great gem when it comes to humour and talking with ppl... juss love his sense of humour ... well rasti started off his evening walk cum jogs coz he was bored of being fat... that set off a trigger and he was joined by amitabh deepak(a brilliant mind) and then by me... so we TRIDEV set off for evening jaunts and i have started loving them...

-madRagzz (C++ coding standard for naming convention)