Saturday, November 10, 2007

Can u trust ppl with this kinda behaviour???

The observation and opinion that I am going to write is from my own past experience abt observing ppl...

Humans are very complex in their thought process and behaviour, but there is some thing very basic and innate in every human... "To reach out to another human". I think that this is very primitive of every human. Inspite of all the sophistication we have achieved we cant ignore things which have been wired into us through evolution. We are social animals and we reach out to others in the same way others reach out to us.

I have observed this behaviour in ppl normally. Say ur walking in the corridor and u suddenly bump into someone u know and u say "Hi", and if the other person notices ur greeting he/she immediately responds with a gesture to acknowledge ur greeting. This is the way we humans connect with each other. This acknowledgement is very spontaneous. It happens in nano seconds and ppl dont have time to react for this acknowledgement. This is the way we connect!!!

But I have seen a few ppl who are able to suppress this basic human behaviour. Inspite of noticing ur greeting they can in that nanosecond choose not to say hi to u or acknowledge ur greeting. Over a period of time of observation, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot trust them. I find it very tuff to trust these kinda ppl who can suppress their basic human behaviour. A person who does this has too much control over himself which, according to me, does not indicate a healthy personality.

The views are entirely mine and you can agree to disagree with me. I have come to this conclusion after observing different ppl from different walks of life intensely and closely over a period of time and on various instances.

You can also check this out in ur real life !!!!
Happy Observing!!!