Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lessons learnt from a humble peanut seller

This incident happened in the month of Jan when I was travelling to chennai from mumbai to attend my gokul's wedding. I guess the great sensex market crash also happened at around the same time. This crash, I think, was precipitated by the Reliance Power IPO which siphoned off a lot of money from the market. In a couple of weeks or so the market fell by a huge marin and there was a lot of news abt investors losing their 2-3 years earning in one go. There was mayhem and gloom all around in Mumbai and it was perceptible even in my college NMIMS. I empthaised with these investors and could understand the dark side of life that they were going through. Being a salaried person I could understand how one feels when one loses one's 2-3 years of earnings in 2 weeks. It pains...really pains... U have to worry about ur family which is depedant on the sole bread winner.
These events were still playing in my mind in the train when I was travelling to chennai. In the train at around 4:00 pm a lil girl aged around 10 years was shouting her heart out to attract ppl to buy her roasted peanutI bought a few for Rs.5 and handed her a Rs.20 note. She had a huge bundle of papers (which were used to make cones to hold the peanuts) stashed around the peanuts. She deftly moved her hand in about 3-4 places and then handed over the required change of Rs.15. I was surprised and asker her as to why she did that. She promptly answered and told me that if someone steals the money from her she will only lose a small amount and not the whole day's earnings. I was really admired her for wat she did and her answer can be summarised in a management phrase as "Dont put all ur eggs in one basket". I connected these golden words of hers with the situation of the investors. I think we all can learn an important lesson from humble peanut seller. We should not become greedy and invest all our money at one place. Small but very important... Thats what i think and one that we should remember for our future.
Thank You Ms.Peanut Seller (Forgot to ask her name... I was thinking so much that this did not occur to stupid of me) - I learnt something very important for my life from u...